I am Bryson Jones.

I am not completely sure what to call myself, as I have been granted an amazing life on this planet. You may know me as a technologist/speaker and founder of a software company (North Shore Automation) a musician, who has played all kinds of music all over the world, husband to my talented and amazing wife, Annalee, or the son of a 5th generation farm family from rural Arkansas.

All are valid things to be. All are roles I love and I hope that in some way, all will assist me in leaving this world a bit better than when I found it.


People always ask me, “Hey are you some kind of musician?”

Although I treat it like some sort of dirty secret, the truth is, I am.

I came to Los Angeles in the late ’80’s and played all the rock bars you’ve heard of. That led to me being signed to a solo deal with Warner Brothers Records back when such a thing meant something. I traveled around, wrote some songs, met a ton of great people (many of whom I’m still very close to to this day) but in the end, never released a record. It did, however, hasten my return to the music that I loved growing up. I’ll post some of this stuff eventually, I’m sure.

From there I bumped around LA, working at the legendary Palomino, tending bar and playing country songs late into the night with players who would come to create a decent-sized buzz in the LA music scene.

Dusty Wakeman conned me into playing with his desert biker rock band and I discovered Joshua Tree and all that comes with that amazing place. Eventually, our friend Shilah and the spirit of Gram Parsons led us to accidentally form the Sin City All Stars. We hosted a club for several years in LA and got to play with some of the coolest people in music. If you don’t believe me, click this link.

Anyway, along that path, The Snakehandlers happened and I love those guys and that music a ton. What a hoot to get to be in “The Sex Pistols of Country Music.”

I consider myself semi-retired from public performance as I write this. The All Stars still get together and do special events from time to time and that’s always fun but long ago I learned that touring is a tough life and not for me.

These days I’m focused on technology and surfing and being a good husband. All of those things make me pretty darn happy. My Wife is always trying to get me to sing and play a bit and she mostly gets her way, so maybe you’ll hear more from me once I get my latest board dialed in.

Thanks for listening.